Here is a selection of recent media items about the work of the Inquiry:

Crackdown on synthetic drug dealers(external link), Minister Clark, 13 December

Mental Health Commissioner calls for action in response to Inquiry(external link), Health and Disability Commissioner, 04 December

Experts react to the release of Government's Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry(external link), Stuff, 04 December

Mental Health and Addiction report charts new direction,(external link) Minister Clark 04 December

Government receives Mental Health and Addiction report,(external link)  Minister Clark, 28 November

Dave Macpherson: Government’s Mental Health Inquiry report (over)due(external link), The Daily Blog, 26 November

Fresh thinking evident in new mental health unit(external link), Minister Clark, 22 November

Royal Commission of Inquiry scope expanded(external link), Prime Minister Ardern, 12 November 

Under the Korowai : new approaches to Māori mental health(external link), The Spinoff, 12 November

Mental health resource refreshed for the first time in 10 years(external link), Minister Clark, 28 October

History repeating - New Zealand's mental health inquiries,(external link) Radio NZ, 27 October

Beyond the Beehive: Mental Health(external link), Radio NZ, 26 October

More ‘doing’ not just ‘talking’ therapies needed in mental health(external link), Heath Central, 26 October

Government has room for improvement to curb mental health crisis,(external link) TV One News, 14 October

NZ's mental health sector needs double the resources - expert(external link), Newshub, 13 October

Summit puts mental health on global agenda(external link), Minister Clark, 11 October

Short extension for delivery of Mental Health and Addictions Inquiry Report,(external link) Minister Clark, 09 October

Are we overthinking our approach to mental health?(external link), Newshub, 08 October

Hope at last for NZ’s mental health system(external link), Newsroom, 08 October

Mental Health Awareness Week - a time to connect and reflect(external link), Minister Clark, 07 October

Communities connect with Mātauranga Māori,(external link) Mental Health Foundation / Hāpai Te Hauora, 03 October

David Macpherson: 668(external link), The Daily Blog, 02 October

Link between time spent in nature and positive mental health(external link), Mental Health Foundation, 23 September

Minister welcomes stories of hope on World Suicide Prevention Day,(external link)  Minister Clark, 10 September

NZ's record high suicide numbers prove need for action, says health minister(external link), NZ Herald, 10 September

Action over Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder,(external link) Minister Clark, 09 September

Turuki Turuki! Paneke Paneke!(external link), Te Rau Matatini, September

Corrections leading a push for far-reaching mental health support in the public sector(external link), Stuff, 28 August

Government saddened by suicide statistics(external link), Prime Minister Ardern and Minister Clark, 24 August

Opinion: Mary O’Hagan – more needed on mental health menu than medication(external link), Health Central, 15 August

The Nutters Club - Mental health inquiry roundup - part 1(external link) and 2(external link), Newstalk ZB, 12 August 

Mental health: an individual's problem or a societal issue?,(external link) The Crux, 09 August

Caring for high needs, vulnerable New Zealanders(external link), Prime Minister Ardern and Minister Clark, 09 August

Free Counselling Submission accepted by Inquiry(external link), Kyle MacDonald, 08 August

Mental health panel's return Palmerston North meeting packed out,(external link) Stuff, 08 August

'Families are not supported at all',(external link) Radio New Zealand, 07 August

Mental health inquiry head wants to honour the submissions,(external link) TVNZ, 05 August

Suicide Bereaved to meet with Mental Health Inquiry panel(external link), Scoop, 05 August

We’re asking for a system change for mental health,(external link) Medium, 01 August

Don’t under-estimate the benefits of singing on mental health(external link), INsite Magazine, 24 July

Free counselling pilot for 18-25 year olds a step closer(external link), Ministers Clark and Genter, 23 July

Mental health inquiry says 'there was some rage' as it acknowledges public frustration but remains confident of delivering blueprint for change to Government,(external link) NZ Herald, 17 July 

Kei Te Pai? Report on Students’ Mental Health(external link), New Zealand Union of Students' Associations, 10 July

Research shows “profound” impact of creativity on mental wellbeing(external link), The Big Idea, 09 July

Inquiry on mental health sector emphasises urgent call for change,(external link) Radio New Zealand, 04 July

Listening to the nation(external link), Otago Daily Times, 03 July

Dave Macpherson – Mental Health Inquiry Panel visiting our towns(external link), The Daily Blog, 02 July

Now is the time for better mental health and addiction services [PDF, 126 KB], PSA Working Life, June

The Art of Wellness(external link), The Big Idea, 29 June

Mental health inquiry panel to visit Whanganui,(external link) Wanganui Chronicle, 18 June

Creative New Zealand advocates art prescription in Government's mental health inquiry(external link),Stuff, 15 June

Mental health inquiry reaches Northland(external link), Radio New Zealand, 14 June

Mental Health and Addiction inquiry team in Northland this week(external link), Northern Advocate, 14 June

New addiction treatment facilities for Auckland City Mission,(external link)  Prime Minister Ardern and Minister Clark, 13 June

Expert panel visit Tauranga as part of inquiry into mental health and addiction,(external link) Bay of Plenty Times, 11 June

8% of kids found with social problems; 7% borderline,(external link) Otago Daily Times, 08 June

Waikato millennials weigh in on Government's mental health inquiry(external link), Stuff, 04 June

Mental health patients, families share aspirations for change(external link), Stuff, 02 June

South Canterbury residents and workers discuss state of mental health system,(external link) The Press, 31 May

Mental health meeting 'very positive'(external link), Otago Daily Times, 31 May

Frustrations and sadness aired(external link), Otago Daily Times, 31 May

More elderly with mental health issues(external link), Otago Daily Times, 28 May

Intention to hear views of as many people as possible(external link), Otago Daily Times, 26 May

Veteran Rehabilitation Strategy 2018 – 2021(external link), Minister Mark, Beehive, 23 May

Mental health inquiry listens to new voices(external link), University of Auckland, 22 May

Questions around NZ's commitment to Pasifika mental health,(external link) Radio New Zealand, 21 May

Student mental health initiative wants to share stories online,(external link) Otago Daily Times, 21 May

Mental health advocate urges Northland farmers to "talk to each other,(external link) New Zealand Herald, 17 May

Rainbow voices to the Government Inquiry into Mental Health,(external link) Scoop, 07 May

Focusing on the big picture of rural health funding,(external link) Otago Daily Times, 07 May

Mental health inquiry panel hears from Nelson community,(external link) Nelson Mail, 04 May

Here's what the mental health inquiry needs to fix(external link), NZ Listener, 03 May

Mental health workers begin in Canterbury schools,(external link) Minister Clark, Beehive, 30 April

Mental health inquiry urged to work as fast as possible,(external link) Manawatu Standard, 27 April

Government to help fund services for Veterans(external link), Minister Mark, Beehive, 24 April

Not all wounds bleed: Time to improve access to mental health(external link), NZ Herald, 14 April

Health law expert to head ministerial inquiry,(external link) University of Auckland, 05 February

Passionate Canterbury advocate appointed to national inquiry into mental health(external link), The Press, 25 January

Mental health inquiry: How will it work?,(external link) Radio New Zealand, 23 January

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