The inquiry delivered its report to the Government in December 2018.  Copies of their report are available on this website.  The Inquiry is now closed.

The Government’s response to the Inquiry is set out on the Ministry of Health’s website:  He Ara Oranga response | Ministry of Health NZ(external link) and the Ministry can be contacted about the response by email on

The Department of Internal Affairs holds the records of the inquiry until they are passed into the official government archive administered by Archives NZ.  Some of these records are subject to suppression orders under Section 15 of the Inquiries Act 2013, and cannot be released.  These include records relating to the internal deliberations of the Inquiry, and a range of other records containing information about individuals or that otherwise contain information of a private or confidential nature or are related to concerns about natural justice.  The suppression orders are set out in full in the Minutes of the Inquiry available on this website under the ‘About the Inquiry’ heading above. If you want to request information about the Inquiry that is not already publicly available and is not subject to suppression orders please contact the Department of Internal Affairs at

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