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We’re keen to keep you up to date about the Inquiry. 

Way to connect:

  • Using our website to share what we’re up to, and update you on how you can engage.
  • Meetings around the country where people can attend a 'Meet the Panel' session to present their views and ideas, our last meeting is on 08 August.
  • Meeting directly with sector groups, government agencies, consumer groups and other interested groups over March to August 2018.

A busy few months on the road are coming to a close as the Inquiry moves into its next phase.

The Inquiry Panel is now analysing all the information we’ve gathered and starting to write our report, which is due with Government in October.

Keep in touch with our work through Facebook(external link) and Twitter(external link).

Please tell us how you would like to engage, and what you need to help you do so.

Based on the information above, please let us know how you want to connect with the Inquiry (tick as many boxes as you like).

Please note that as much as the panel would like to, we may not be able to meet with every person individually. However, we are doing our best to make ourselves as available as we can.

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We want the Inquiry to provide an opportunity for anyone to contribute to.

Please indicate ways we can help you be involved in the Inquiry. Please note: depending on location and availability, we may not be able to provide all these services at all meetings. If not, we will be in touch with you to discuss your needs and how we can help you best engage with us.

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Please indicate the best way to contact you.

Please note: While you do not need to provide any/all contact details, the more details you provide, the easier it will be for us to contact you and support you to engage with the Inquiry


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